User Guide

  • Export GeneMapper results (File > Export table).
  • Format data file as in the example below (don't change headers), and save as .xls or .xlsx.
  • Download settings example and complete for your samples (one sample per row).
    • Sample file name = name of sample including .fsa.
    • Flanking bases = number of amplicon bases flanking the CAG repeat.
    • Correction = correction factor for sequencer.
    • Analysis window start/end = peaks outside this window excluded from analysis (in CAG units).
    • Control sample = Sample file name of the sample to compare against, including the .fsa.
    • Manual control mode = set the mode against which the sample is compared (in CAG units, overrides ‘Control sample’).
    • Instability index threshold = default 0.2 (peaks <20% of modal height will be excluded.
  • Upload files to this app, click Run Analysis. See Glossary for abbreviations.

Data file

Download example data file.

Settings file

Download example settings file.

Privacy policy

Michael Flower built 'CAG instability analysis' as a Free app. This service is provided by Michael Flower at no cost and is intended for use as is. No personal information or data is collected or shared. If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact at